Reading Group Revisited

After a couple of not so successful meetings, where few showed up and noone had read the texts, we talked a bit about how to reinvigorate this wonderful intellectual debate. We agreed to try out two changes:

1) From now on we will have a decided meeting place: the REF (which is usually almost empty at that time of day) at 4 PM every THURSDAY. This means you always know where to find us, even if you’re late or if you can’t stay that long you can always come by for a bit. It’s also neutral ground between JDK and Mack, plus there’ll always be enough seats.

2) Each week we’ll focus on ONE primary text. This means I won’t have to try and find 3-4 matching texts on a theme, plus you won’t be discouraged by the number of them. We’ll try to decide on next week’s text at the end of each meeting, so bring suggestions (I imagine a lot of people have come across at least one really interesting article or essay during their CRS-work that can be of general interest). There will of course still be room for additional readings. If you read this week’s text early and are reminded of another short one that would be interesting to compare it too, please post it here as a secondary text that people can check out if they want.

That said, at next week’s meeting we’ll be discussing a text that Jo has brought us from her ambitious Canada-tutors:

Molly Nesbit, ‘Parts Imply Wholes And Wholes Are Social’

from Molesworth, Helen, Part Object, Part Sculpture

They have the book in the library, but some awful person had it, so I reserved it and if we’re really lucky I’ll have it next week. Otherwise, just download the PDF, or ask Jo if you can borrow/copy her printout.

This is where we came to these important decisions

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One Response to Reading Group Revisited

  1. Sofia says:

    I’m so central in that photo, I love it!
    Me and xiao are gonna be setting up on thursday (opening’s on at 6). I want to be optimistic that we’ll have finished before 4 so I’ll read the text but time does the normal thing of not being enough, I won’t be able to make it.

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