Art and Education, readings

Just thought I should summarize and bring together in one post what Noam and Sofia have been writing.

We’ll kick off the term straight away with a reading group on thursday 14th april at 4pm in the JDK (if the weather is as today we can sit on the stairs with some biscuits and tea). I realize that many will be working on their CRS, but these texts aren’t that heavy, and it’s stimulating just having a discussion such as this even while you’re working on other stuff. So do come along, and try to read at least a couple of texts before. Here we go:

Main texts:

Oral history interview with Josef Albers, 1968 June 22-July 5 (if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to read it all, the most relevant discussions starts at the [Page 2] mark, just go Edit > Search, type in “Page 2” and your browser should take you there)

• John Swift & John Steers, A Manifesto for Art in Schools in Journal of Art & Design Education, Volume 18, Issue 1, February 1999 (can also be found in the book Art Education in a Postmodern World, which you can find in the GSA library)

• Joseph Beuys, ‘Not Just a Few Are Called, But Everyone’ in Art In Theory 1900-2000, pp. 904-906

Bonus texts:

The Office As Studio – A conversation between Oren Pinhassi to Doron Rabina (2009),
Translated by Noam Arie Darom

Donald Judd, ‘from “…not about master-pieces but why there are so few of them”‘ in Art In Theory 1900-2000, pp. 1140-1143

The Art In Theory-Chain

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2 Responses to Art and Education, readings

  1. Patricia says:


    This sounds really interesting, Id like to join in for a session, will there be more meetings coming up? Best Patricia

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