Reading Group meeting #2

Brilliant meeting on thursday! There were only four of us (me, Noam, Becca and Sofia) but the discussion turned into a real challenge, and I felt I discovered problems that at least I hadn’t thought about while reading, as we went along.

Now, Noam really wants to have another reading group before he leaves, and I agree that it would be great to fit one more in before we all disperse for a lazy easter break. However, I’m going to Sweden on friday already, and to Edinburgh on thursday afternoon, so I feel time is rather short. If more people want to, and if someone has texts to suggest I would be willing to meet after lunch on thursday, say 1:30pm, but if that’s gonna happen you need to post here and show some enthusiasm. My suggestion is we start with Noam’s article (posted in the post ‘Interim Readings’) and fill up with one or two texts more.

Also, I’ve written down some of my own reflections following our first reading group in one of my other blogs:

Art & Politics

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One Response to Reading Group meeting #2

  1. Noam Darom says:

    Well I am happy, there are at least 2 people interested in making a meeting. I know it’s the last week and everyone has a lot on their minds (and so do I) but I think that semester break is a good opportunity to reflect about the institution we are having a break from.
    So, I want to suggest some reading material:
    1. Black mountain college is a good place to start. You can find background on wikipidia and while there, check out progressive education.
    The director of the school was Josef Albers (the one with the squares) and you can read an interview with him in this link:
    Right, another german guy, we should read, would be again Josef Beuys “Art in theory” page 889 or 890. That one is also a dialog so it should be an easy one.
    To become more critical I suggest Donald Judd “Art in theory” page 1028
    And finely, not really related, but maybe highly beneficial is the following conversation, after Judd between Beuys, Kounellies, Kiefer and Cucchi.

    That’s it. Ready to meet anyone on Thursday.
    Plus I think that a good place to meet can be: the Hunterian gallery, where John Cage exhibition is on.

    So, thats it from me

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