A nice essay that I found

I was reading a book on Ann Hamilton (also brilliant) when I happened upon this text by art journalist Rebecca Solnit. And since it is about the best essays on art I’ve read in a long while, I want to share it with you:

Landscapes Of Emergency

“Reconnect the act of making to its sister acts of laboring, consuming, attending, the acts that make the world, over and over again. Shift from the new to the renewed; recognize the world has no lack of things, only of attending to things; shift then from production to maintenance.”

I guess noone feels the urge to start up reading group now, so close to the end of it all, but if you do find interesting texts, this could be a good forum for sharing them.

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Reading Group week 18: Robert Smithson

On Alex’s suggestion we’re reading:

Robert Smithson, ‘A Cinematic Atopia’

from Holt, Nancy (ed), The Writings of Robert Smithson

but since this is a very short text I add my suggestion for one more text by the very same author:

Robert Smithson, ‘A Sedimentation Of The Mind’

from Holt, Nancy (ed), The Writings of Robert Smithson

which can also be found in Art In Theory, 1900-2000 on pp. 877-881

PDF now added for both texts. There is also a second copy of The Writings of Robert Smithson available in the library. Enjoy!

Thursday at 4 pm in the Ref. Hope to see you there!

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Reading Group Revisited

After a couple of not so successful meetings, where few showed up and noone had read the texts, we talked a bit about how to reinvigorate this wonderful intellectual debate. We agreed to try out two changes:

1) From now on we will have a decided meeting place: the REF (which is usually almost empty at that time of day) at 4 PM every THURSDAY. This means you always know where to find us, even if you’re late or if you can’t stay that long you can always come by for a bit. It’s also neutral ground between JDK and Mack, plus there’ll always be enough seats.

2) Each week we’ll focus on ONE primary text. This means I won’t have to try and find 3-4 matching texts on a theme, plus you won’t be discouraged by the number of them. We’ll try to decide on next week’s text at the end of each meeting, so bring suggestions (I imagine a lot of people have come across at least one really interesting article or essay during their CRS-work that can be of general interest). There will of course still be room for additional readings. If you read this week’s text early and are reminded of another short one that would be interesting to compare it too, please post it here as a secondary text that people can check out if they want.

That said, at next week’s meeting we’ll be discussing a text that Jo has brought us from her ambitious Canada-tutors:

Molly Nesbit, ‘Parts Imply Wholes And Wholes Are Social’

from Molesworth, Helen, Part Object, Part Sculpture

They have the book in the library, but some awful person had it, so I reserved it and if we’re really lucky I’ll have it next week. Otherwise, just download the PDF, or ask Jo if you can borrow/copy her printout.

This is where we came to these important decisions

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Art & Education, attempt no. 2

Ok, so obviously I was overly optimistic about having a reading group last week in the middle of crs-stress. Noone showed. So I was thinking we try again tomorrow. Same readings; find them in the post below. 4pm, top floor in the JDK. You don’t need to feel guilty if you haven’t read all texts, I would just really like to get started again; and if nothing else we can discuss what we want to read next. See you there?

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Art and Education, readings

Just thought I should summarize and bring together in one post what Noam and Sofia have been writing.

We’ll kick off the term straight away with a reading group on thursday 14th april at 4pm in the JDK (if the weather is as today we can sit on the stairs with some biscuits and tea). I realize that many will be working on their CRS, but these texts aren’t that heavy, and it’s stimulating just having a discussion such as this even while you’re working on other stuff. So do come along, and try to read at least a couple of texts before. Here we go:

Main texts:

Oral history interview with Josef Albers, 1968 June 22-July 5 (if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to read it all, the most relevant discussions starts at the [Page 2] mark, just go Edit > Search, type in “Page 2” and your browser should take you there)

• John Swift & John Steers, A Manifesto for Art in Schools in Journal of Art & Design Education, Volume 18, Issue 1, February 1999 (can also be found in the book Art Education in a Postmodern World, which you can find in the GSA library)

• Joseph Beuys, ‘Not Just a Few Are Called, But Everyone’ in Art In Theory 1900-2000, pp. 904-906

Bonus texts:

The Office As Studio – A conversation between Oren Pinhassi to Doron Rabina (2009),
Translated by Noam Arie Darom

Donald Judd, ‘from “…not about master-pieces but why there are so few of them”‘ in Art In Theory 1900-2000, pp. 1140-1143

The Art In Theory-Chain

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Reading Group Meeting Thursday 14

Hey everyone,

Since the last meeting didn’t happen we have a subject and some readings waiting to be discussed. So let’s keep this going and meet the first thursday of third term. (14th of April)

so if everyone’s ok with it I suggest the subject remains Art and Education.

take a look at Noam’s reading suggestions in his comment here, and the article he translated for us, The Office As Studio.

That’s quite a lot but we still have a week and a bit to go so more reading suggestions are welcome.


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Reading Group meeting #2

Brilliant meeting on thursday! There were only four of us (me, Noam, Becca and Sofia) but the discussion turned into a real challenge, and I felt I discovered problems that at least I hadn’t thought about while reading, as we went along.

Now, Noam really wants to have another reading group before he leaves, and I agree that it would be great to fit one more in before we all disperse for a lazy easter break. However, I’m going to Sweden on friday already, and to Edinburgh on thursday afternoon, so I feel time is rather short. If more people want to, and if someone has texts to suggest I would be willing to meet after lunch on thursday, say 1:30pm, but if that’s gonna happen you need to post here and show some enthusiasm. My suggestion is we start with Noam’s article (posted in the post ‘Interim Readings’) and fill up with one or two texts more.

Also, I’ve written down some of my own reflections following our first reading group in one of my other blogs:

Art & Politics

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